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we build great brands

We are a bright young team of out-of-the-box thinkers. We offer creative branding solutions to grow your company. Full blown ad campaigns, product shoots, tv ads, fashion shoots, social media campaigns or complete web based advertising, we do it all. You’ve got a fantastic brand, VOQZI’s got the big ideas, together let’s create magic. Think of us as your very own creative team rooting for you from the sidelines and letting your brand shine.

The VOQZI experience

Every brand has a story and we are master storytellers. We have the big ideas, to turn heads towards your brand and make you stand out. Our strategies put your brand through the creative wringer to filter out the noise and tell the core brand story through effective advertising.

The VOQZI birth story

Voqzi was born as a humble photography studio with a simple thought behind it. To stand out and deliver something that’s truly unique. It was built by Vinoth Shank, a renowned fashion photographer, after a devastating loss of expensive equipments in the floods. He built it on the premise that the greatest, most invaluable asset for a creator is their mind. No equipment could replace the drive of an artist to create. The idea was straightforward , at VOQZI, something spectacular can come out of absolutely nothing. You just need an eye to see its potential.
Vinoth met Priyadarshini as a client. What started off as a discussion over a photoshoot turned into an intense friendship with the coming together or two passionately creative minds. Priyadarshine persuaded Vinoth to take a leap of faith and thus started a winning partnership. VOQZI went from a Photography studio to an Idea Machine. Today as we stand, VOQZI is a creative studio providing dynamic and groundbreaking ideas to help build your brand.

Creative Team


Co – Founder / Director

With over seven years of experience as a premier fashion photographer, Vinoth has photographed some of the best faces of the industry. He has collaborated with the most unique fashion brands to create stunning images that are known for their visual poetry. His magic lies in the manipulation of light. He has immense respect for natural light and can turn the most ordinary settings into powerful editorial images. Completely self taught, Vinoth prides himself as a student of the arts. He continues to learn and grow through his tremendous success.
Driven. Inspiring. Planner.
Vinoth is VOQZI’s man with the map.

Priyadarshine Rajendren

Co – Founder / Chairperson

A doctor who sees art in everything. A seeker of beautiful things, a collector of experiences. Priyadarshine or Pri as she’s fondly known is like no other doctor you’ve met. Pri has been, and is, many things, a doctor, an entrepreneur and an aesthetic expert. However, at her core she is primarily an Artist. With limitless imagination and equal amounts of rigour to put plans into action, Pri is our powerhouse of ideas and creativity. She is also the driving force that can take the seeds of an idea, plant them, water them, let it germinate and lead us to ultimate fruition.
Imaginative. Ambitious. Creator.
Pri is the VOQZI torchbearer.

Who are we?

A full spectrum creative house, for all your branding and advertising needs.

What we do?

  • We do everything from Print, TV & Radio ads to web based, social media and digital marketing.
  • We strategise the growth plan for your brand.
  • We sculpt brand identities & layout the framework for your brand’s up-climb.

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