Ok, this addon is absolutely amazing and is tons of fun to build with, but the only reason i’m not giving it 5 stars is because the stone types and wood types havent been updated to match with the new 1.14 textures. A menos que le muevan mucho al código y cambien las id xdd, Depende, si se actualiza a la versión 1.1.5 pierdes tus cosas pq ese addon no funciona para esa version pero de la 1.14 y la 1.13 si se guardan. other than that, i love this addon so much. Quick question: Is it okay if I port this over to the Java Edition directly along with my soon-to-come mod? can you add the crystals in the next update please, It doesn’t work it says the zip is invalid plz fix I really want this mod. could you take a screenshot? Github Yes I forgot to write that when submitting. Only for blocks that you can’t get un the inventory. Adfly link is not working the problem is there is no “wait 5 seconds” button so could you give us a direct mediafire link? variants for gold, diamond, emerald, etc. To install the soundpack, simply download it and unzip it in the Mods folder. I think he doesn’t want to put the direct media fire link because apparently (I think) you can earn money by using adf.ly ? It makes it look like it’s made of wood. Instant five stars from me. Also if I click on a block, it shows up where the new should be and when you click it, it gives it to you even if the block is not in my inventory. and has no obvious way of waiting for the real download. Some of the wood texture can be ues as reinforce wood. The Link should take you to ad fly and then directly to media-fire after clicking skip ad. Awesome! Chisel glass is a transparent block which are currently not possible. Axe on first slot. But here’s the thing… Your maid will keep the previous mode, but it will also include freedom. That would be referring to the texture pack. (rip my buildings and some of my worlds). I cant remove it. This mod stays alive thanks to all of you! You can post your crashlog and see if anyone can help, I will do my best to help, or relay the crash to the Japanese forum. not bringing me the download link- please give a direct link to mediafire, The current version of the link says. PS : Can you give me the direct link for the add-on ? Cool add-on, it’s good for make castles or something like that, you can add or make a addon that adds vertical slabs?, That will be cool. Also if used in any projects must give credit to original Devs from Java edition and the creator of the Painterly Pack. You dont have to by the way, If it works for 1.14.4 even if I don’t say it, I downloaded it and it works perfectly, Wow man amazing work!