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Join our email list to receive the latest Mini news, updates, and more. Aside from my recurring problem, mine had to go in for a bad clock, a burned-out bulb, serious power bogging when shifting into first or second.

And it should be changed more often. There’s a nasty lag between depressing the go pedal and the onset of acceleration. Mini 2nd generation (R55-R56-R57) specifications: versions & types. And who cares that not all the materials are above average?

BMW’s added two extra inches to the new MINI-- and we all know how meaningful two extra inches can be for guys (legroom!). And it serious fun to drive.

Leather is cold in the winter and hot in the summer. BMW owns mini but mini designs the cars. If not, it’s my vote for the biggest oxymoron in the history of autoenthusiasm. miniのr56・オイル漏れ・分解整備・入院・recs施工に関するカスタム事例 CARTUNE(カーチューン)は、自動車のカスタム・ドレスアップ・整備やDIY、パーツのレビューや口コミ・評判を共有しあう、クルマ好きが集まるコミュニティサービスです。

His car probably spends an average of 3 days a month in the shop, but he loves his car still – as I do mine. I've heard alot of different weights mentioned, but the most common I read is that it lost 22 pounds. 5W-40, API SM are also approved oils. For reasons most probably related to Europe’s drive-by noise regulations, the MINI Cooper S’ aural burble, zizz and growl are gone.

Ah, yes, the tired Lucas jokes. Simply find your car type and click on the corresponding part number. For the 2nd generation models, R55/R56/R57/R58/R59/R60/R61 2007-2016 MINI Models, approved oils are FULL SYNTHETIC SAE 0W-40, 0W-30 (recommended), 5W-40, 5W-30 (we recommend). As there wasn’t anything particularly wrong with the “old” model, BMW’s decision to leave things well enough alone shows welcome restraint.

the new car is almost twice the size of the old one.

More charitably, the MINI’s interior looks like it was created by a grove of unsupervised Apple Computer designers. 6’1″ here, and no troubles at all, in the ’06 or the ’07. Once we’ve done that, can we use the cheap leather to dress up the bra-less girls?

Couldn't they have at least used it to produce the classic "ram-air" effect? Who’d a thunk it?

Last I heard, Brock Yates has a Mini-Cooper S; and he stands about 6 feet (or so), from what I know. So, while it may not feed the intercooler, it does flow through to the engine compartment. Looking to change your oil? Login with your E-Mail Address. I have no doubt the new car is “better” but, jeebus, it’s, what, almost 50 years now since the original was introduced.

They get like 29 mpg. What’s more, the MINI is the only car you can customize without completely destroying its resale value. Factory oil recommendations may change over time. Great cars. (It’s only a matter of time before the MINI’s key includes an I-Pod.) Or, click here to change your Preferred Method of Contact to Email. I had more respect for them because of it. Ditto the fellow at my local tire and wheel shop. My favorite new interior color is the Tuscan beige; I love the look but could live without the pretentious name. Looks fun,I agree.But I’d much rather have a Pontiac Solictice GXP or Saturn Redline. If the point is indeed “motoring,” you’d think the fun setting would be default. My cousin is 6’5″ and an R50 Mini Cooper was on his shopping list. Drivers are confronted by a wide range of organic looking toggles and indentures, operating all manner of controls.

Last month, when I was in a Town Car back to Dulles Airport in what we in Washington State call “the other Washington” with Dan McCue, one of the principles of Freeman/McCue Public Relations, a major “car guy” (who also handles Kawasaki motorcycles), the subject turned to the new Mini vesus the old. So why bother with it?

I live in NYC and surprisingly the brutal roads haven’t shaken her enough to develop any rattles, either…. Oh yeah, as mentioned, the new MINI gets about 18% better gas mileage….that means this little gal is going to be capable of high 30’s on pure highway (I’m guessing it might be capable of 40mpg). The Cooper-S should be the standard size American car – at least in the city.

Not only did he think the handling was akin to a bread truck, but the electricals were just as problematic as all the old jokes purported. 6’2″, i fit in the old minis with head and leg room to spare. whatever happened to real small cars? While I have driven the modern mini and like it a lot, a friend mine owned one which was the lemon of all lemons and I will am VERY wary of them as a result.

Access to the direct download of NCS-Expert, INPA 6.4.3, INPA 5.02 and bonus coding files can be found here Full .PDF Installation Walkthrough Guide We have created a very detailed walkthrough guide on how to install, configure and get NCS-Expert running can be found here (Windows 7) and here (Windows 10) Besides, with today’s turbo systems, the lag we used to experience with say, the first generation of SAAB turbos, just doesn’t exist anymore. Fun cars. Helping everything stay perfectly cool for optimum performance.”.

To summarize, if I was the King of the World I would do the following: Outlaw the use of brazziers (I mean by gals, not cars).

Oh and a nice manual steering rack. In that time it only required one trip to the dealer for regularly scheduled service. Even the casual visitor instantly appreciates that fact that the BMW’s British box is a no-holds-barred style statement, not an Audi. You will have to tolerate the power steering though. Speedometer – The old speedometer, center-mounted, was large and in-charge. After reading this review, I want to, if only to check out the impact of the Sport button. And yet, even without considering the necessity of the optional limited slip differential, there’s something important missing from the re-mix: an aggressive exhaust note.
Come on… I understand that this is the standard complaint about cars these days, but the Cooper S is 2668 lbs curb weight, seats 4, and makes >170 hp. The later builds are a big improvement, but that didn’t stop my ’05’s seat heaters from burning through the seat fabric.

So is it still all systems go for MINI’s V2 rocket, or does the new model (codenamed R56) prove that more is less? If you would like your login information reset, click on the button below to request your login information to be reset.

The engines in both the turbo and the regular felt like junk. Give me a 80% size MINI with bare bones equipment. For the 1st generation models, 2002-2006 R50 R53 Hardtop and 2005-2008 Convertibles, the Factory approves FULL SYNTHETIC SAE 5W-30 (recommended) and 5W-40, API SM. yeah i know – but these sport cars have NO storage. The supercharger is music to any Cooper S owner's ears. I’m normally not a big fan of extended warranties, but I have been eyeing one up for my ’05, as I’ll hit the mileage allowance in less than a year and as a “chequebook mechanic” I’m not up for doing my own repairs. I should never have had to go to the dealer as many times as I did to fix my problems, which never did get fixed. Ditto the fellow at my local tire and wheel shop.

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I think it is much different than the old one (2006). Some are long in the leg and short in the torso, which puts a premium on legroom. The fuel gauge is now a circular ring of digital lights on the speedometer pod, with a “range to empty” display on the information section of the tachometer pod, in script familiar to BMW owners (if not MS Word users). It's a major miscalculation mandating post-purchase mechanical surgery. They probably included the sport option so they didn’t totally screw the mpg figures in the butt.