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C32 Broadband

C32 Broadband Service Pvt Ltd Internet & Intranet Service Provider started its journey in the year of 2016 for providing Broadband Services for the masses globally using cost-effective, standards based Fiber to the Home(FTTH).

Chennai, India


/01An Instant Connection

  • Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Website Development
  • Social Media

C32 Broadband founded in 2016, provides lightning fast fiber net solutions. With a vision to transform the way India lives, transacts and communicates, C32 wants to bring affordable fiber net to every home and enterprise. For this prodigious project to work, the techies needed our support to build an interactive website, which is designed in correspondence with their story and also user-friendly.

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We were asked to create a website that appealed to the young and old alike. The highlights of C32 – the surfing experience, consistent speed and wonderful customer support, had to be highlighted in the website design. We were also asked to create a quirky logo that is simple, memorable and impressive.

/03what we created

When one is looking for a new internet connection, it means that they are ready for a fresh start. On the website of C32, we made new beginnings all about forgetting the difficulties about the previous internet service used. With buttons, simple animations and straightforward navigation bars, we made an intriguing website. The new site is modern, responsive and functional.The logo we created is trendy and gives an idea about what the service is, from its shape. The colours are dynamic and the design practical.


The uncluttered look attracts more visitors to the site. The illustrations and other added options like QR code scanner, make the site look more modern and professional.