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Indira Group of Educational Institutions, a unit of Indira Educational & Charitable Trust is chaired by a renowned philanthropist and social activist Mr.V.G.Rajendran. Under his expert guidance, the institution has grown phenomenally over the past decade and continues to provide unparalleled quality of education for anyone with merit.

Chennai, India


/01Educational Revolution 2.0

  • Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Website Development

A centre of unbridled innovation and academic excellence, Indira Group of Institutions is a conglomerate of eight fantastic institutions that cater to future doctors, engineers, dentists, nurses, managers and teachers. The trust is chaired by a renowned philanthropist and social activist Mr.V.G.Rajendran. The state-of-the-art Group of Institutions needed to transform their digital presence and upgrade their logo and website.

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To provide a new look to the Group of Institutions and also make the website user-friendly. It has to provide a good first impression to anyone to clicks on the site and increase the number of admissions and also be fun and engaging for regular users like the management, students, teachers, parents and other stakeholders.

/03what we created

The website of an educational institution contribute to creating an overall impression about the quality of education. The colours, images and fonts that you see on the website of Indira Group of Institutions convey just how exclusive premiere, the institutions are. We uncluttered, kept what was necessary and made the site very functional and aesthetic.The new logo we created, just stands out of the design and the colours used express what the institution believes in and practices – energy, passion, determination and creativity.