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Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers sparkles like a bright star on the Chennai firmament

Chennai, India


/01An Instant Connection

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Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers sparkles like a bright star on the Chennai firmament. This guiding star beckons true jewellery lovers from far and near. Popularly known as VBJ, since its inception in 1900, over the years it has become synonymous with outstanding designs, exquisite workmanship and impeccable purity. With a keen eye on detail, VBJ is committed to quality and service, creating wearable pieces of art.

At VBJ, our philosophy is simple. Our aim is to make jewellery shopping a breeze for our customers, helping them make a purchase they will treasure for a lifetime. At VBJ we offer exceptional value, myriad choices and extraordinary quality. Generations have trusted us with their most important memories.


For The Fab First Impression

Since its inception in 1900, leading jewellery brand VBJ has been retailing in outstanding ornaments. Their exquisite craftsmanship, intricate patterns and the purity of the metals continues to build trust among customers. Their idea was to come up with photos that can be used in their campaigns that promoted their latest designs for the millennial women.

/03The Challenge

How to create images that stand out from the thousands of other jewellery images, while also retaining the vibe of VBJ? The expectation was to make the images look classy, comfortable and to accentuate the appearance of the jewel on the women.

/04What We Created

We had just the right team who took care of every aspect of creating the perfect photos. They memorised the guide to making contemporary jewellery look more elegant than it already is. With the latest equipment and talented models, makeup artists, light persons and photographers and editors, this photo campaign was a mega success.